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Evolution of the Modern Kitchen Website

The goal of this website is to inspire viewers to appreciate and think about how kitchens have evolved over time. I choose this topic mostly because I’ve been involved in remodeling my own kitchen to a small degree and in doing so, have given a lot of thought to how I would like it to look and function. I’ve realized how important this room is to every family member, from cooking, visiting, relaxing and enjoying meals together.

The inspiration behind the artistic style

I have chosen is partly from the color palette of my transformer/drafting table website (which also had a kitchen theme) and partly because I love contemporary-looking kitchen cookware, dishware, utensils, etc.

I wanted to do a contemporary site and great contemporary kitchens can almost be considered works of art. My final project is a continuation of the transformer site.

My design concept was to create

a modern, upbeat, energetic site that was fun to view. Although the website is expanding on my transformer site, the composition is based on the grid-style web design, which I felt suited the site better. The color palette seemed a little different and kind of unusual, but a pleasing mix of colors overall. The font type for the page headings is kind of retro, but helps give a contemporary feel to the site. I think the style of the website I have developed fits the theme of the site. It’s a contemporary design, with an enjoyable, upbeat feeling.

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