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Evolution of the Modern Kitchen
Does the evolution of the modern kitchen mean the death of the triangle? Modern design and personalized functionality add new dimensions to old kitchen components, fire, water, and storage.

The Kitchen as Art
This once private domain of the feminine world has given way to the new social order and reflects the world that we live in. The new paradigm casts the kitchen as experimental theater, where elements of the stage are moved about or “lit up” to give the audience a better experience.

The Bottom Line
The kitchen must be an efficient, productive environment conducive to the tasks at hand. The new belief is to create an environment that allows us to experience new ideas and rediscover aspects of our lives that have been lost in the daily rush of activities. The modern kitchen will continue to be the heart of the home, an essential element of our daily lives that touches and affects us both physically and emotionally, a place where we seek communion, rejuvenation, and sanctuary.